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Mple Feggariou Kataigida (Blue Moon Storm)
- 2010
Leonidas Kossis's first solo album with 11 songs written between 1996-2006

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"Mple feggariou kataigida" ('Blue Moon Storm') to be released shortly

Leonidas Kossis's first solo album, "Mple Feggariou Kataigida" ('Blue Moon Storm') is due for release at the beginning of November 2010

Musical collaboration with J. Kriste

Leonidas is collaborating with Lefteris Moumtzis, a.k.a. 'J. Kriste, Master of Disguise' for his next album, to be released in 2012


Mple Feggariou Kataigida (Blue Moon Storm)

"Mple Feggariou Kataigida" is Leonidas Kossis's first personal album. It contains 11 songs written in the period 1996-2006.

In this album, Leonidas combines a cerebral approach to songwriting reminiscent of Peter Gabriel, an emotional appeal which at times reminds us of Seal, and a fluid feistiness in Lennie Kravitz fashion.